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  1. Elite Accredited Universities

    This page is committed to honor and inform the public about the top 12 prestigious universities worldwide. We are delighted to present the 2024 rankings of these elite universities, based on the latest assessments. These rankings will be updated on an annual basis.

    1. University of Oxford – UK
    2. Stanford University – USA
    3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – USA
    4. Harvard University – USA
    5. University of Cambridge – UK
    6. California Institute of Technology – USA
    7. Princeton University – USA
    8. Imperial College London – UK
    9. University of California, Berkeley – USA
    10. Yale University – USA
    11. Tsinghua University – China
    12. University of California, Los Angeles – USA

    The members listed are encouraged to duplicate and insert the relevant logo into their respective websites.

  2. Institutional Members

    ACCREDITED Institutional Member
    U.S. Higher Education Accreditation Commission
    1. Richmond University, USA, UK & Singapore
    2. Central University of Finance & Economics Haidan, Beijing, China
    3. The Asia Pacific School of Business (APSB)
    4. University of the Pacific (Universidad del Pacifico), Colombia
    5. ICOF Global Colleges, Seminary and Universities
    6. Guangdong Vocational College of Industry and Commerce
    7. University of Science Arts & Technology-Montserrat
    8. University of Pacific (Universidad Del Pacifico-Nicaragua)
    9. University of Silvaner
    10. American Open University
    11. Ateneo de Manila University
    12. De La Salle University
    13. Universidad La Salle, Cancun, Mexico
    14. Westbrook University
    15. Hollywood International University
    16. Harris University
    17. National University of Medical Sciences Spain
    18. Rudolph Kwanue University College
    19. Rahm Thomas University
    20. Selinus University of Sciences & Literature
    21. Auream Phoenix University for Women
    22. Inter-University Higher Academic Council (Paris)
    23. Universidad De La Salle Bogota, Colombia
    24. Saint Louis University
    25. Logos University International
    26. I-FATOSS University
    27. Shalom University
    28. Yale University
    29. Prowess University
    30. Oxford University USA & UK
    31. Universitario Tecnologico Universitam
    32. Multiversidad Mundo Real Edgar Morin, A.C.
    33. Fundación Universitaria San Martín
    34. West Coast University, Panama
    35. Grace International Bible University
    36. Philippine Christian University
    37. American University of Nigeria
    38. Noble International University
    39. JP Jacobs International University
    40. Ballsbridge University College London
    41. Ballsbridge University Zambia
    42. European University of Armenia
    43. Bircham International University
    44. The International University / TIUME
    45. Bilston College / BC University of Business and Theology
    46. IMS Innova Medical School, Barcelona, Spain
    47. Newport University
    48. Nepal Open University
    49. European University of Rome
    50. AREES University
    51. Kesmonds International University
    52. Global Interfaith University
    53. Poma International Business University
    54. Alcove International University
    55. E-Four and AAF
    56. Pluralcode Academy
    57. Dominion Mission Theological University, Ghana.
    58. Destiny Academy Pro
    59. REMA Medical Technologies
    60. Grace Theological Seminary GTS (Maryland, (USA))
    61. RUDOLPH Kwanue University (RKU)
    62. Terraskills Learning Systems Limited
    63. National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria
    64. American Group International School
    65. Dakvich University College
    66. EPIM Afrique
    67. International College of Peace Studies
    68. African Academy of Original Medicine (AAOM)
    69. World Christian University
    70. Harvestime Academy of Theology
    71. Word of God Seminary
    72. Malta Leadership Institute
    73. Global College Malta
    74. Venators
    75. Regent Central University
    76. National University of Medical Sciences
    77. Grace Hardison TEFL University
    78. Khatam Al-Morsaleen International University
    79. PT Alam Alsahara Indonesia
    80. Egyptian Cultural Center
    82. Nile University of Science and Technology
    83. American Business Management and Technology College
    84. La Xenia International Institute of Switzerland
    85. Q Pulse Consulting
    86. European Institute of Management & Technology GMBH (EIMT)
    87. Swiss School of Business Research
    88. RCST Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology
    89. World Federation of Massage (WFM)
    90. The International University of Science and Renaissance (IUSR)
    91. Zaytoonah International University
    92. The Academy for Advance Studies (TAAS)
    93. London College of Teachers and Trainers
    94. Middle East University
    95. European Academy of Education (Evropská akademie vzdělávání SE)
    96. Rhema Theological College UK
    97. The European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (ECAMS), Ireland
    98. International Business School of Scandinavia
    99. Islamic Azad University (IAU), UAE Branch
    100. European Quality Training & Management Consultancy
    101. Selinus University of Sciences & Literature
    102. Kennedy University
    103. MEDSKLS
    104. Topland University
    105. Blue Marble University
    106. Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology, Pakistan (PIMSAT)
    107. Central Asian University’s School of Dentistry
    108. Holy Sophia University
    109. Indian Institute of Skill Development Training (IISDT)
    110. One Way International Theological Seminary (OWITS)
    111. New Jersey International Open University
    112. Christian University for Leadership Education and Development (CILED)
    113. Distant Production House University
    114. Cambridge Intercontinental University
    115. Arab International Academy
    116. IIBM Institute of Business Management
    117. Purpose Zeal Academy
    118. American University of Business and Social Sciences
    119. Global Interfaith University
    120. Pebble Hills University
    121. Asian College Of Teachers
    122. American Management School
    123. Ken Institute of Executive Learning
    124. School of The Great Commission Bible College & Seminary
    125. Chester College of Higher Education
    126. Star University
    127. Ceylon Campus
    128. World University Ecumenical
    129. Kennedy University of Baptist
    130. Global Oved Dei Seminary & University & Global Bible Institute (GODSU)
    131. Universitary Institute for Progress
    132. Western Pinnacle University
    133. C.I.C.A. International University & Seminary
    134. FMI Biblical Studies and Seminary
    135. All India Board for Education & Training
    136. Georgia Theological University
    137. International College for Training and Development
    138. Andragogy Autonomous University
    139. BTC College
    140. Ballsbridge University
    141. Continuous Learning College (CLC)
    142. Myanmar Commercial University (MCU)
    143. Myanmar Management Institute (MMI)
    144. ATBC International College
    145. SMEBi University
    146. Chartered Institute of Digital Economy (CIDE)
    147. Universal Institute of Professional Management
    148. Victorious Christian Bible University
    149. Advancing Further Education Group (China Office)
    150. Kowloon Natural Energy Workshop
    151. Pioneer Online Business Academy
    152. University of the Valley, USA
    153. Holy Spirit University of Atlanta
    154. Western Global University
    156. TESOL Now International, Philippines
    157. Conley University
    158. Aston American University
  3. Organizational Members

    ACCREDITED Organizational Member
    U.S. Higher Education Accreditation Commission
    1. American Council on Education (ACE)
    2. American Association for Higher Education & Accreditation(AAHEA)
    3. International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education(QAHE)
    4. The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE)
    5. Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC)
    6. National Academic Recognition Centre (NARIC)
    7. Amideast – American Middle East
    8. Higher Education Accreditation Consulting
    9. American Association of Collegiate Registrar’s and Admission Officers (AACRAO)
    10. Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA)
    11. Association of International Administrators (NAFSA)
    12. American Evaluation Association (AEA)
    13. Société Nationale Ingénieurs Professionnels de France (SNIPF)
    14. European Association for International Educators (EAIE)
    15. Xerra Consulting
    16. Board of Quality Standards
    17. Philippine Military Academy Faculty Alumni Association
    18. Higher Education Accreditation Consulting
    19. EQAC- Education Quality Accreditation Commission
    20. Career Consulting International
    21. Hongjing International Education
    22. PAMA Intrnational
    23. Charter Management Association (CMA)
    24. The Institute of Certified General Accountants (CGA-PAKISTAN®)
    25. AAFM American Academy of Financial Management
    26. Engineering Today
    27. American British Engineers in Italy (ABEI)
    28. Asian Institute of Engineering and Management
    29. Association of Local Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (ALCUCOA)
    30. North Carolina Open University
    31. The Innovative Institution of Engineering Technological & Management
    32. California Lawyers Association
    33. Kosnett Law Firm
    34. National Human Rights & Humanitarian Federation
    35. Education Advisors
    36. Accreditation Guru
    37. BPPE Education Consultants
    38. Emergeedu.Com – Higher Education Accreditation Consulting
    39. University Consultants
    40. MACCA Accreditation Agency, Brazil – Schools, Colleges & Universities
  4. Associate Members

    U.S. Higher Education Accreditation Commission

    We take great pride in introducing the Associate members of the United States Higher Education Accreditation Commission. These individuals are distinguished professionals holding prestigious doctorate degrees, high-caliber U.S. attorneys-at-law, captains of various industries, esteemed members of the academe, university presidents, chancellors, and influential civic leaders. Among them are:

    1. Dr. Jacques Saade, Jr.
    2. Bishop Prof. Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr.
    3. Dr. Orien L. Tulp
    4. U.S. Ambassador Dr. Stephen R. Barnhart
    5. Global Executive Dr. Franz Rothschadl – Harvard University alumnus
    6. Dr. Lonnie J. Gaines, Jr. – American Bar Association Member & Maryland State Bar Association Member
    7. Ambassador Dr. Samuel Afriyie Asante
    8. Dr. Henry Oh
    9. Dr. Robert R. Hill
    10. Dr. Christopher Campbell
    11. Dr. Yiyan Jianyin
    12. Dr. Andy Kwok Yiu Wai
    13. Dr. Robert Suen
    14. Dr. Enrico Salvagni
    15. Dr. Ruben Reynaga
    16. Dr. Shawn Pourgol
    17. Ambassador Dr. Ezenwoye Marcel
    18. Dr. William Martin
    19. Dr. Jen Jacob
    20. Dr. Alexander Abassi
    21. Dr. Carlos Mario Neyre Abad
    22. Dr. Sheila Dansig
    23. Dr. Hui Shao
    24. Dr. William J. Neff
    25. Dr. Christine H. Tran
    26. Dr. Carlos Fajardo
    27. Dr. Gabriel Cesar Rias Lopes
    28. Dr. Dereje Dugassa Gobena
    29. Dr. Francis Dessaart
    30. Dr. Masood Rashid
    31. Dr. Walter Borschel
    32. Dr. Bertram C. Lavalas
    33. Dr. Joseph Strazzeri
    34. Dr. Norbert J Johnson
    35. Dr. Sukumpong Channuwong
    36. Dr. Thuchapon Yodthong
    37. Dr. Ornpapha Chutikorntaweesin
    38. Dr. Chowdhury Mrimal Ahmed
    39. Dr. Melquisedec Augusto Cortes Obando
    40. Dr. Hector Martinez Zepeda
    41. Dr. Truly Busch
    42. Dr. Mohammad Ramin Zia
    43. Dr. Gabriel Emecheta
    44. Dr. Nawash H.A. Alsoqour
    45. Dr. M.M. Bader
    46. Atty. Svetlana I. Kaff
    47. Atty. Hashem Mohammad Ali H. Mahdi
    48. Dr. Kannan Rajendran
    49. Dr. Sree Kumar Krishnan
    50. Dr. HV Jayapraksh
    51. Dr. Abhay Maruti Todankar
    52. Dr. Ugo Xerra
    53. Dr. Luis Emilio Abad Pedraza
    54. Dr. Eleftherios M. Colocassides
    55. Dr. Wiliam Cobb
    56. Dr. Stephane Narcis
    57. Dr. Simon Marie
  5. Subsidiaries

    1. California University FCE-Amorsolo Foundation, Incorporated
      University Tower, 4199 Campus Drive
      Irvine, California 92612, USA
    2. Amorsolo Construction & Real Estate Development Corporation,Beverly Hills
    3. Beverly Hills Resources Corporation
      270 North Canon Drive
      Beverly Hills, California 90210, USA
    4. Amorsolo Mansions USA, Incorporated
      Dela Pena & Amorsolo Building, 2701 to 2703 Beverly Blvd.
      Los Angeles, California 90057, USA
    5. Beverly Hills 90210
    6. California University FCE High School –Irvine & Hollywood
    7. Hollywood’s Young Stars School
    8. Beverly Hills RC School
    9. Beverly Hills RC Infant Care Center
    10. Amorsolo Buildings # 1, 2. 3. 4, & 5 – 6550 to 6560 Fountain Avenue, Hollywood California 90028
    11. Fernando de la Pena Dental Corporation
    12. De La Pena Dental Group
    13. Los Angeles School of Dental Assisting
    14. De La Pena & Amorsolo Building, Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles
    15. Las Vegas Rental Properties
    16. Amorsolo Development Corporation, Makati, Philippines

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